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 Best of destroyers :D

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Best of destroyers :D Empty
PostSubject: Best of destroyers :D   Best of destroyers :D I_icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 4:51 pm

1.What is your name? Honza :-)
2.Where are you from? Czech Republic --> Vroutek
3.How old are you? 17
4.How long you play L2? 4-5
5.On which server you played before? DNET(Nightmare,Arena) , Dark Elmore 25x,Gamepark2x,DUBAi,L2 Nunny, Euroworld.
6.Your characters nicknames?and clases? CajRumBum(SR/SPH) Retardator(HAWK/Bish) more...
7.In what clans you was before? Czech Horde , HoF , LoL
8.Char name, class and level on Valkyria Retardator (Destroyer) 40
9. Names, classes of all your other chars on Valkyria? MajorSE 37
10.What equipment do you have? Brignadine and D pole , but now will be have C grade
11.Who are your friends in LastLegion? xDcko , pampamCZ , MegaCraft , Torturedtodeath , Wugy
12.Your nickname on Dragon-Community forum? kukliss
13.Your MSN?- if you want play with us , you must have it.

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Best of destroyers :D
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