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PostSubject: CLAN RULES   CLAN RULES I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 1:53 am

We believe our family and friends should always come first...
We believe our members are friends in game and in real life...
Laughs we do have and cooperation we do excel...
Our potential does not rely in one, but many...
Helping one another, we strive forward...
Trusting another, we ascend higher...


1.Always be active.

2.All members must register on the forums and check it once in a while. This is the easiest way to get updates on clan events, castle sieges, epic bosses, etc

3. If you have problem or cant play for a certain period of time inform me or any co-leader or post it in forum with the reason.

4.Respect clan members .Treat clan members the way you would like to be treated. No flaming at each other, no cursing at each other. If a clan mate does something that bothers you, try and talk with them first. If that does not help, talk Clan or Co-leaders.NEVER PK Clan-members and if done accidentally excuse as soon as possible.

5.NEVER insult someone's parents ingame. We are in the game to have fun so leave parents out of it. Breaking that rule will result in an automatic kick without any discussion!

6.NEVER insult someone because of religion or nationality – it’s only game . Breaking that rule will result in an automatic kick without any discussion!

7. Co-leaders have same power as the leader, they can kick you anytime they want, respect them same as the leader.

8. Follow orders. I don't give a lot of orders but when I give one i want it to be done.

9. When i call for a mass pvp leave your parties if you are in one & wait to be invited. I don't want to hear what you are doing for that moment all what i want is for you to be present & ready!

10.NEVER pk an alliance member. If done accidentally excuse immediately. If you have some problem with ally-member - take a nice screenshot & post it here or send it to me or any co-leader in msn & i will take care of it.

11. Being online for sieges is mandatory. If not possible inform me or any co-leader & tell reason.

12.As a member of LastLegion, you must be loyal to this clan and this clan alone. We will expel members who have characters in other clans (except alt clans). Any information and images in forums are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone outside of clan.

12.LastLegion does not tolerate scamming of any kind. Scamming players or clan members for items or money will automatically get you expelled from clan.

13.Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick from the clan!


Try to keep all clan/ally chats English. If you want to talk in another language do it in PM or party chat.
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