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 Voltage-Post REC.

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PostSubject: Voltage-Post REC.   Sat May 08, 2010 11:52 am

Hello All Members LastLegion.
I wanna Know How many members you have ,and you got CH?
Are you Going to Fight on TW ?

1.What is your name?- <<<PaweĊ‚>>>

2.Where you from?-<<<Poland>>>

3.How old are you?-<<<Im 18>>>

4.How long you play L2?-<<<3 years>>>

5.On which server you played before?<<<My first Server L2 was Shadow x10 :} For me it was the best server l2,Next i go to Frinezza x 15,Some servers x 100-500,And last was Extreme x10.

6.Your characters nicknames?and class?I was have a lot of chars ...But most time i spend to play BD.
Nick Shadow x10 Aulenn-BD/PS and few chars lvl 70+/Frintezza x15 Voltage- SORC/PAL,Extreme x10-SPOIL
I was play too DESTRO/TYR a long time , SH/PS and few other chars.

7.In what clans you was before?<<<On this server i dont have Guild ,im STILL looking/on Shadow i was in Vampire,CI,Ally Old Shool,and 1 other but i dont remember the name./Frintezza-CI and?xD/Extreme-I was solo player there ^^.>>>

8.Char name, class and level on Valkyria-<<<Aulenn sh lvl 65.>>>

9. Names, classes of all your other chars on Valkyria?<<<-Few chars lvl 20 XD SexyAss lvl 39 bd Razz
I got buffs from my friends :}>>>

10.What equipment do you have?<<<Sov+acu/Karmian/C-Accesory>>>

11.Who are your friends in LastLegion?-<<<I dont have friends in Last Legion.>>>

12.Your nickname on Dragon-Community forum?<<<As i Say i dont play Long time on Dragon-Network,i dont remember old pass this is My new Account.>>>

13.Your MSN?-For what i need MSN?
<<<I have skype if someone whant to speak with me i can install ventrillo if it must be :}
If i need make Account on MSN:}>>>

I like the name of your Guild :] it is very intrested

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PostSubject: Re: Voltage-Post REC.   Sat May 08, 2010 12:09 pm

If the BD is your main char i think there isnt any problem.
p.s.: Can u join with that same char into academy first?

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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Voltage-Post REC.   Sat May 08, 2010 12:54 pm

atm we aren't sure about Mages. But if we will recruit them , we will inform u .
Here is my nick on Valkyria -Olmer
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PostSubject: Re: Voltage-Post REC.   

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Voltage-Post REC.
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